How Does Leather Restoration Work

How Does Leather Restoration Work

How Does Leather Restoration Work

Throwing out leather furniture is wasteful, even when signs of aging start appearing. Opting for a leather restoration procedure will make a lot more sense. This procedure delivers great results, it saves money and its environmentally-friendly.

Natuzzi couch restoration

Natuzzi couch restoration

Leather Restoration Steps
Are you wondering how leather restoration takes place? A team of professionals like the All Surface Respray leather restoration experts will do the following:

Step 1: the team will take a look at the furniture and assess the damage. Once the main problems have been identified (scratching, staining discolouration), a restorative procedure will be recommended.

Step 2: the leather will be prepared for work and the areas that are going to need the most attention will be marked.

Step 3: special detergents will be used to get the leather cleaned and prepared for restoration.

Step 4: the colour is layered onto the leather surfaces. After each layer, the team waits for it to dry up and then applies the next one. Finally, a sealant is used to “lock” the colour in.

Step 5: once the furniture is coloured, it will have to dry completely before use. Drying after the application of colour and sealant will require no more than 10 hours.

What could Leather Furniture Restoration Fix
Restoring leather is great for fixing a wide array of problems. Unless the material is completely torn, the restoration professionals can achieve a significant improvement.

Some of the most common issues that can be addressed by leather restoration professionals include tears, scratches, colour loss, staining and wear stemming from long term use. When the scratching is deeper, it can be tackled by a team of professionals once again. Still, there could be a small mark or “scar” left behind. It’s not going to be particularly visible and the condition of the leather furniture will be improved significantly.

Why should you throw away something classy and sophisticated that can be repaired and used for a few additional years? Old leather furniture has a special appeal and a stylishness of its own. If you’d like to give it a second life, you should definitely give us a call. The team will be more than happy to inspect the pieces and suggest the best restoration approach.

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